About Barracudas

Barracudas Carnival Band (1988-2012) – We used to perform at Carnivals and events all over the country and have performers of all ages, with musicians, dancers and stiltwalkers.  We created costumes and ran workshops at our Centre and throughout Cumbria. We used to receive financial support from Arts Council England & Barrow Borough Council.
This has now ended, so we are adapting and making our skills and experience available in new ways.

We used to be based in Barrow-in-Furness, in the beautiful Nan Tait Centre, one of the most-loved buildings in Barrow, we used to provide workshops for beginners and more advanced performers as well as creative workshops for teenagers.

Vid about us, now quite a few years out of date, but some useful words and pictures


16 responses to “About Barracudas

  1. The Barracudas is the best Carnival Band in the world!!

  2. Linda McGlasson

    Hello, I rang the week before last to enquirs abot the possibility and cost for a drumming work shop here in Carlisle I have worked with Douglas Gillam before and had hoped to hear back by now. Please can someone get in touch with me re this. Thanks Linda My Mobile number is 07948448645

  3. zoe holmes-higgin

    hey everyone!

    i can’t wait to meet and work with all of you! im leaving california for england on the 23. see you then



    ps. everything looks fabulous. im so excited to start.

  4. hello. id like to ask if there is any jobs going at the Barracudas in Barrow in Furness. I will be leaving college this Friday and i am looking for a job until september 2009 when i start university to do Fashion Design and Production. The course i am about to finish is Art and Design and Furness College and i am really interested in getting involved in the work shops at the Barracudas. Especially the costume making. If someone could get back to me a.s.a.p it would be a great help.

    Thank you.

  5. I would love to see a seperate section on here that shows pictures of all the costumes, past and present.
    There have been some fantastic outfits.
    It would be fun to learn how they are made, maybe we could get involved in making future outfits

  6. Hiiaa.x
    Im Nikki From Barracudas
    And We Have A Great Costume
    And Not Just That We Are A Great Group
    Organisation And We are Very Friendly.x
    Please Come And Join Us, Every Thursday 6pm-8pm We Do Dancing, Music. Staits (Help Provided).x
    Our Organisation Is So Awesome You’ll Enjoy It…xxxx 😀

  7. hi
    i was thinkung of coming to the fashion section of your buisness for work experience and was wondering what i would be required to do
    thank you
    ellysia wallace
    dowdales school

  8. im hoping to join

  9. Barracudas is cool.. x

  10. I would like to contact the Barracudas but cannot find a telephone number. Does anyone have the contact number. Many thanks.


  12. hey do you do stilt walking lessons? x

  13. thebarracudas

    Yes we do. Call us and leave you name and address and we can send you information.

  14. hiya im just wondering what kid of thing you do coz i wolud like to join you and my sister would to so if u can contact me with details i would be grate ful x jamielee

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